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First Lorentz solar water pumping system in Georgia!

Successful installation of 🇩🇪 LORENTZ solar water pumping system using submersible ps2-1800 in a Paulownia experimental orchard in Marneuli, Georgia.
In this project, this solar pump system flows up to 30m³ of water per day with static head of 55m!
The water is pumped by 1650 Wp solar power plant from a 65m borehole depth into a 50m3 water reservoir. 🌞💧

Submersible Pump PS2-1800 C-SJ5-12
Head: MAX. 70m

FLOW RATE: MAX. 7.6 m³/h



There was no access to electricity in this specific location.

Using Lorentz solar water pumping solution changes this unused agricultural land into a prosperous orchard.


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