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 Lorentz PS100 plug and play solar water pump now is available in Georgia!

PS2-100 is the small solar water pump with incredible flexibility and big performance! LORENTZ PS2-100 is a high quality, high efficiency, cost effective solar pump system designed for self-installation.

ჩართე და სისტემა მზად არის გამოსაყენებლად


ჩასართავად არ არის ელექტრო გაყვანილობის საჭიროება, მხოლოდ ჩართე და სისტემა


ამოტუმბეთ წყალი ნებისმიერი ადგილიდან გუბურა, ნაკადული, ჭა
Installing a solar pump was never this easy. Installation is very easy, just connect the plugs and start pumping water. Everyone can set it up with no prior knowledge required. Even the pipe connection fits standard 1“ hoses; just attach your hose and you are ready to go within a few minutes!
Only with high quality materials and high efficiency motors is this performance possible.





Where can you pump water?

This system is perfect for any water application and diverse environments. You can easily pump water and use in various water sources such as wells, ponds, rivers, lakes or tanks. With a small size and plugged connections this solar water pump is easy to move from place to place.

What are the uses of PS2-100 solar water pumps?

The PS2-100 system provides over 20,000 liters of water per day and pumps up to 40 meter heads.

This serves a wide range of opportunities in providing drinking water, water for livestock and for irrigation.

Why PS2-100?

The system runs directly from solar, pumping water through the day. The high efficiency means enough water is pumped during the day and can be stored in a tank for night time use if needed. In contrast to fuel pumps, daily filling up is not needed. There are no expensive batteries required, no fuel top-ups, no maintenance

მეურნეობისა და ბაღების წყლით მომარაგება,მორწყვა
მეცხოველეობისათვის განკუთვნილი სასმელი წყალივ
სასმელი წყალი სახლებისა და თემებისთვის

The PS2-100 system includes:

• high efficiency DC brushless motor

• helical rotor pump

• 15 m cable attached to the motor with a plug for the con- troller

• PS2-100 mini controller with ac- cessory inputs for float switch and low water sensor

• PV module adapter to use with any standard PV module (max. 50V Voc)

Features and description

კონტროლერი PV, ტუმბოს, მშრალი დამცავი საშუალებებით და ავზის სრული ტივტივა ჩამრთველი.

  • • high efficiency solar powered water pumping system

    • submersible helical rotor pump and high efficiency DC brushless motor

    • plugged connections for customer self-install

    • replaceable cables for long life

    • multiple pump ends to match local pumping requirements: HR-07/-14/-23

    • maximum 40 m head and 2.8 m3 /h flow rate

Which PS2-100 solar water pump is suitable for you?

  • There are three different pumps to choose from in the PS2-100 range: HR23, HR-14 and HR-07.

    The chart shows the daily water that will be pumped at different vertical heads.

    Measure the vertical distance that you need to pump water and look on the bottom axis, read across to the left to see how much water to expect per day.

Where to buy PS-100 solar water pump in Georgia?

We have a great news for you! All 3 variants of PS-100 solar water pumps are available in Tbilisi, Georgia! Just make us a call on +995551133404 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 

PS2-100  HR-23

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  • water per day: 

    Max. 28m³

    The vertical distance that water is pumped: 

    Max. 17m

PS2_100   HR-14

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  • Water per day:

    Max. 17m³

    The vertical distance that water is pumped:

    Max. 27m

PS2-100   HR-07

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  • Water per day:

    Max. 7m³

    The vertical distance that water is pumped:

    Max. 40m

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