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Solar water pump - Paulownia drip irrigation | Touran Enterprises

A sustainable solar water pump solution has designed and installed by Touran Enterprises to deliver water to drip irrigation system in an orchard.

This solar water pump is being used to irrigate 5.5 hectares of Paulownia orchard using drip irrigation system in Marneuli!

This Lorentz surface solar water pump (PS2-1800) with Head max. 50m has been installed next to an 80m3 water reservoir!

This solar water pump will pump max. 8.5m3 water per hour from water reservoir and feed the drip irrigation system.

We have installed a ‘Water Sensor’ in the suction pipe of the pump system, in order to protect the pump from running dry. You might ask how does it work? ‘Water Sensor’ can be used to detect the water level in the suction side of the pipeline. When the two electrodes in water sensor run dry, the LORENTZ controller will automatically stop the pump and indicates Water Source Low LED. So, it will prevent your pump from getting damaged when there is not enough water in your water source to get pumped!

Secondly, we have installed a ‘Liquid Pressure Sensor’ to measure the pressure of water in pipes! By using this sensor, you can easily keep your desired ‘constant pressure’ in pipes by a very simple configuration. So that you can easily connect Lorentz solar water pumps to any kind of irrigation pipes by keeping the pressure at the bar that you need.

There’s no track of using grid-electricity and diesel generators in this farm and everything works only with the power of the sun! Lorentz in the only company in world that only focuses of

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