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Recently we, TOURAN ENTERPRISES LLC have delivered the biggest LORENTZ submersible solar water pump for irrigation in Kakheti Region, Georgia. This green water solution is another great step towards making a better future for Saqartvelo and our planet. Continue this article and find out the details about this Amazing project.

The biggest Lorentz Solar Water Pump in Kakheti for Irrigation of Almond orchard

What was our customer issue?

Our customer was running an agro-business with 100 hectares of almond trees!

They didn’t have access to electricity, their water source was Alazani River which was 3km away from their land and there was 163m level difference between the Alazani River and the orchard! To support their agro-business they had 2 options:

1: To use 3 gigantic diesel pumps to deliver water to the irrigation system considering this fact that, separate from the maintenance cost, they have to spend a huge expense daily for the cost of the diesel fuel in a way that this option could cause a huge financial loss in long-term! And the most important fact that these gigantic diesel pumps are releasing huge amount of CO2 to the environment and leaving irreversible carbon footprint in planet earth!

2: To use solar water pump and cut the hight expenses and pollution of diesel pumps!

Alazani River

What was our solution with Lorentz solar water pump?

We offered Lorentz solar water pump model PSK2-100 with the power of 100KW to our customer. This incredible solar water pump solely lift water for 163m head with 3 km distance to the irrigation section without any extra cost or pollution (Instead of of 3 diesel pumps)! For the customer’s current water requirement, the pump water output is 500tones with 95.550KWP solar station and it is expandable up to 800tones of water with upgrading the existing solar station to 191.1KWP. The customer pays only once and pump water as many as they need!

Which Lorentz Pump and accessories have been used in this project?

Solar water pump and the controller:

  • solar water pump and the controller:
  • PSK2-100 C-SJ95-17
  • Head max. 300 m
  • Flow rate max. 113 m3/h

The used Accessories:

  • Well probe
  • Liquid pressure sensor
  • PV disconnects
  • Surge protector



Pump's technical data:

  • High efficiency solar pump controller.
  • Inputs for water meter, pressure sensors, digital switches.
  • Simple configuration with LORENTZ PumpScanner AndroidApp.
  • Onboard data logging and system monitoring.
  • Inbuilt applications for constant pressure, constant flow and daily amount.
  • Integrated Sun Sensor.
  • Non-return valve.
  • Highly efficient 3-phase AC motor.
  • Frequency: 30...51 Hz.
  • Premium materials, stainless steel: AISI 304.


Why Lorentz Solar Water Pump?

  • Lorentz system comes in professional solution and package with all necessary accessories.
  • These solar water pumps are cost effective and designed to workdirectly with sun and no expensive batteries and costly inverters are required!
  • They need no fuel top-ups. Only Sun at its heart!
  • They are intelligent; all systems are designed with in-built smart technology that give you full access in water management to configure the constant pressure that you need, control amount of water, water flow, and time management.
  • They work even in cloudy days and have great efficiency.
  • Lorenrz solar water pumps have long-life due to the smart accessories that are designed only for Lorentz products.
  • they have low maintenance cost!
  • All of the parts are repairable and replaceable!
  • Customers usually experience return of investment within 2-3 years.
  • They have hybrid capability if you need water at night.

How much Lorentz Solar Water Pump Cost?

All Lorentz products are made of high-quality materials to make it a robust, reliable, and life sustaining product. To make LORENTZ products affordable to our customers, we have some financial assistance to offer! And special discount to support your projects.

Which Solar Water Pump is suitable for you?

Consultation and designing the solar water solution is free for everyone. Just click on the following link and fill the form about your water requirement. We will get back to you right after we receive the filled form from you. It only takes 5 minutes:

Where to Buy Lorentz Solar Water Pump in Georgia?

Touran enterprises LLC is Bernt Lorentz official partner in rep. of Georgia providing sales and service in this country. Lorentz products and their guarantees are valid only if you buy from the official partner in Georgia and they will have no validity if you buy Lorentz product from non-partner parties.  

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or call us on:

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