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Why Lorentz Solar Water Pumping System?

Solar water pumping systems are using by millions of people around the world. This incredible technology is recognized as the best alternative for fuel water pumps where there is no access to electricity! Bernt LORENTZ Gmbh is the world leader manufacturer of smart high-performing solar water pumps. Not only LORENTZ solar water pumps are designable as per application parameters, but also they come with in-built Bluetooth system, configurable in a way that you can control your water consumption, fully, without experiencing any water waste!

Here comes some incredible feature that convey the reasons to WHY LORENTZ solar water pumping systems?

o Lorentz Solar water pump designed in Germany.

o Lorentz solar water pump system comes in professional solution and package with all necessary accessories.

o These #solar water #pumps are cost effective and designed to work directly with sun and no expensive batteries and costly inverters are required!

o They need no fuel top-ups. Only Sun at its heart!

o They are intelligent; all systems are designed with in-built smart technology that give you full access in water management to configure the constant pressure that you need, control amount of water, water flow, and time management.o These solar water pumps are efficient. They delivers more water, improves reliability and lowers the total cost of the system.These solar water pumps work in cloudy days .

o Lorentz solar water pumps have long-life due to the smart accessories that are designed only for Lorentz products.

o They have low maintenance cost!

o All of the parts are repairable and replaceable!

o Customers usually experience return of investment within 6 months to 3 years dependent on project size

o They have hybrid capability if you need water at night.

o Lorentz solar water pump needs less PV module.

o There will be no CO2 emission and carbon footprint.


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